Posted by: TerraSaver | October 29, 2015


One of the most desireable additions to a country or retreat property is a pond.  Whether its for fishing, swimming or just looking at,  you will never be sorry if you have a properly functioning pond to help you enjoy outdoor living or to just sit next to and meditate.  Try to understand the pond before you make a purchase and make sure it can live up to your needs.  A pond is a living entity and you should understand its strengths and weaknesses and how they relate to your lifestyle and budget.

The ecosystem of a pond can be looked at much like a very special tree on the property – you want to make sure it is healthy and you want to know in advance if there are maintenance issues.  Fortunately there are people who are familiar with ponds; for one, the pond engineer who understands pond construction and can check out the dam, spillway, permits and verify that the pond isn’t leaking.  There are also hatchery operators who operate and manage their own and other peoples’ ponds for a living.  You can usually get an opinion particularly if the hatchery operator will be working with stocking you pond in either the short or long term.  He will be as interested as you are in his fish having a healthy environment.

Some of the factors that will determine your satisfaction in addition to its construction are year round fresh water source for  the  pond, depth and temperature, weed conditions and water condition – not just in the winter when the water looks clear and deep – but in summer when it could be warm, weed choked and short of oxygen.  A pond survey will not guarantee that weather will not fluctuate and change how the pond operates, however a survey of the pond can give you a sense of how the pond has performed historically, the type of life it can support and any maintenance programs you need to plan for.  If you need help locating a pond management company please e-mail us at:

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