Posted by: TerraSaver | November 15, 2015


‘A group’ may consist of family members, unrelated families, or people sharing a common interest. The property can be vacant land, or have existing structures which are suitable for the needs of the owners or members.  In some cases in Sonoma County, the parties may share a common interest in activities such as agriculture, wine tasting, recreation and art.

Sonoma County is a desired destination for many reasons – wine, environmental resources, recreation, food, fine hotels, wonderful restaurants and the arts.  These factors are a draw not only for visitors but for people buying primary and secondary residences. Healdsburg has a multitude of performance venues, galleries, sculpture trails and art parks in the town and in surrounding communities.

In October Charlene Schnall, associate broker with Healdsburg Sotheby’s International Realty sold the Rafanelli Building on Healdsburg Avenue in downtown Healdsburg to the family of an internationally known photographer which will be renovated and redeveloped as a community art center.  The artist’s family has done similar projects in Berlin and Los Angeles and ‘visiting artists’ will be a component of the program.

Another group has been formed to acquire both ‘in town’ and ‘country property’ to provide housing, studio space for local artists, and a venue for fund raising in support of an ‘artist in residence’ program and accommodations for visiting artists.

An internationally known sculptor who has studios and installations in New York, San Francisco, Paris, and around the world has purchased a 300 acre coastal ranch in Bodega Bay for construction of a private residence and studio.  In addition to displaying his private collection he will also create work space for his studio personnel visiting the area.2. 3400 HOME SITE TO HARBOR

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