Posted by: TerraSaver | November 19, 2015


foraging chickensGreat PyreneesThere is a recognized improvement in the quality of life for pastured free range chicken & ducks as well as in the quality of eggs which they produce.  Many farms in Sonoma County have expanded this type of egg production and some are also raising specific breeds of dogs to manage and protect flocks of up to 2500.   When evaluating options for your own farm, you might want to visit some of these properties to see if your own quality of life might benefit as well from this type of agriculture and this source of protection for your livestock.

In addition to guarding chickens and ducks, Salmon Creek Ranch in Bodega Bay uses Anatolian Shepherds to protect goats and cattle.  Another farm in the town of Freestone raises Great Pyrenees to tend their flocks.  Also using a Great Pyrenees named ‘Buddy’ is Wise Acre Farm in Windsor.  These large guard dogs have very different personalities than your household pets and can be very independent of the farmer himself.



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