Posted by: TerraSaver | December 24, 2015


"The Birds" Schoolhouse Bodega, CA

“The Birds” Schoolhouse
Bodega, CA

Sonoma County, CA has had many country properties operated as community living facilities.  While many are family compounds for related parties, a significant number are based on common interests in agriculture, architecture, philosophy, wellness and the arts.

We have operated ranch property with community living facilities for over 40 years primarily for people interested in environment, agriculture, archaeology and the arts.  The creation of such a community can be for long or short term – as short as a weekend and extending for years.  Our efforts have been on large agricultural properties ranging from 300 to 700 acres with wetlands habitat.  The initial impetus for these projects was a visit to Arcosanti in Arizona at the suggestion of an environmental scientist working on our environmental project.

A NEW COMMUNITY PROGRAM  Currently we are working to acquire ‘in town’ properties in Healdsburg, CA to create housing and studio space for ‘Healdsburg Visiting Artists’.  These ‘artists’ will range from musicians to sculptors and involve artists with significant reputations as well as talented artists who are part of mentoring programs. Using our previous model from large land projects, the organization will have facilities to allow production and retail sales of art as well as event space.

For over 25 years, a previous large scale environmental and agricultural program which we operated grew to generate as much as $700,000 per year in outdoor recreational income and had as many as 7,500 attendees at weekend art and food events to provide funding with the goal being financial sustainability.

‘In town’ facilities for ‘Healdsburg Visiting Artists’ will be on a much smaller scale.  One of the models for a facility will be the Potter Schoolhouse in Bodega California, famous for it being the setting for Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds”.  This property is owned by a family who purchased the structure two years after the filming of the movie in the mid 1960’s.  It has been used as a center that over the last 45 years as a private residence, an inn, home to groups of restauranteurs, artists, musicians, writers, and for film production and live theatre.

We are also participating with support from Charlene Schnall, broker associate Healdsburg Sothebys International Realty in the formation January 1st, 2016 of a video newsletter which will contain updates on participants in this program as well as other events in Healdsburg.  Please subscribe to either this blog or to Healdsburg Social for updates on the art program – or e-mail for additional information.


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