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If your goal is a country atmosphere & lifestyle, and the ability to have agriculture at your home, it may be possible to start with a small property that needs updating.  In Sonoma County finding small property that is affordable outside of communities such as Sebastopol, Petaluma, Penngrove, Cloverdale is possible.  Being a short drive out of these communities can allow the family to have a country life style while still having the convenience of shopping, restaurants, entertainment minutes away.  Sonoma County’s restrictions on developing in many agricultural areas are also provides some insurance that this lifestyle can be protected for the future.

8345 Brand Red 375x250Occasionally properties which have small acreage are in an area of larger agricultural farms and ranches. These properties may be remainder parcels from a larger farm or ranch in the past.  There can be ‘outbuildings’ such as shops, garages, former chicken sheds or a small barn that were in use when the property was larger and can be economically made useable.

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Various types of farm animals such as chickens, quail, ducks, goats or sheep can be raised on small plots as well as crops. A half acre devoted to agriculture – or even a greenhouse – can be very productive and fun for the family.  If larger areas are needed and neighboring property is much larger it is frequently possible to rent adjoining land if the goal is a larger enterprise.

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Some things to check when buying rural property are water and septic because there is usually not public water and sewer systems on rural property.  As with most property, building inspections are important particularly with older country property where electric and plumbing may be outdated.  Zoning regulations regarding permitting for the amount and type of farm animals, second homes or guest houses you anticipate having should be verified.  Much of this information is available on-line at the Sonoma County Planning Department.  Also check into what type of larger agriculture is being conducted on neighboring properties to verify it is compatible with your own needs.  An example would be neighbors use of pesticides for their agriculture operation as is sometimes the case with vineyards.

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