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1890's Farmhouse on 4.5 acres

1890’s Farmhouse on 4.5 acres

During the 1900’s many large farms or ranches around the Bay Area were reduced in size both for economic and social reasons.  When land was subdivided and sold off, many of the farm homes and barns were maintained on smaller pieces of land ranging from 2 – 40 acres.  These properties frequently offer the benefit of country living without the burden of operating a large farm or ranch business.  Many neighborhoods within 1 hour of a major city like San Francisco have these ‘historic’ properties outside towns like Petaluma, Sonoma or Sebastopol.  These properties can be ideal as a full-time or second residences.  Since many of these properties had large homes and additional structures on the property, they are frequently in demand as family compounds.  

Fenced Pasture for Grazing or Crops

Fenced Pasture for Grazing or Crops

In many cases there are several acres of pasture or cropland.  The acreage is frequently adequate for hobby farming or ranching that may include crops, gardens, cows, sheep and horses.  Frequently the remaining barns, outbuildings, corrals and fencing can be used.

If these buildings have not been maintained, restoration and upgrading electric and plumbing to current codes may be necessary.

Large Old Barn

Large Old Barn

Country property is frequently on septic and well and those need to be checked carefully during escrow.  Boundaries also need to be verified to make sure that fencing actually represents property lines.  Zoning designations and planned uses need to match.  It is also a good idea to get to meet the neighbors.  In cases where a neighbor is also involved in agriculture, information on local soils and successful crops can be valuable.

If you need assistance in locating this type of property, please e-mail us at or call us at (707) 494-5749



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