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GallowayFrequently people looking for a hobby farm for either a full or part-time residence, have a

Miniature Cattle-2

Mature Miniature Bull

vision of raising farm animals.  Many of these animals have personalities that make living with them a joy.  That said, buyers frequently do not anticipate the care,  facilities and space that farm animals can require.  They also frequently do not appreciate that the attachment they can form with their livestock precludes ‘harvesting’ for their or someone else’s table.

One alternative that can have a bottom line and help pay for the costs of operating a hobby farm is raising miniature species of farm animals. Among the many farms animals available as miniatures are cattle, horses, donkeys, sheep, goats and pigs.  Cattle for example are available in most of the varieties that are first choices for stocking hobby farms. Highlanders, Belted Galloway, Angus, Jersey, Hereford.

images cow 1Your initial stock may be costly, frequently starting at $2000 or more per animal, with waiting lists not unusual and shipping which may be expensive.  Take heart, the value of these animals may also apply at time of your sale to collectors.

If this type of business or hobby has some appeal – talk to people who raise miniatures and find out how satisfied they are with the type of livestock they are raising, differences between male and female behavior and stability of the market for livestock they sell.  There are many associations easily accessible on-line which specialize in various types of livestock.

images donkey 1Points to consider prior to committing.  Verify support after the sale from the breeder.  Make contact with national or international organizations to get guidance on standards for the breed and research their ability to help market animals you raise to other collectors and breeders.  Check for a local veterinarian for the type of animal you will be raising.  You may also find that real estate agents may be able to assist you in providing livestock for property they sell in your area.

Some types of miniature farm animals that may be of interest and some sample links to breeders:

Miniature Pigs:

Miniature Cattle:

Miniature Sheep:

Contact: Chanslor Wildlife – e-mail:

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