Posted by: TerraSaver | November 18, 2016



Frequently country land needs to be ‘cleaned up’ particularly if it has not been used as part of an agricultural operation for some time.  Appearance of fencing, new gravel on the entrance driveway, a new gate, a cleaned up area around the well or spring, a coat of paint on an old outbuilding (that may be torn down), cutting tall weeds, can add value to property.  If an owner has been unable or uninterested in keeping up the appearance of vacant property, they frequently will be agreeable to a modest lease rate and a purchase option price that reflects the current appearance.  In many cases the cost of improving the appearance of property can be modest in comparison to the increase in value.  An improved appearance may also contribute to the ability to finance the property at modest rates or induce the current owner to participate in financing once the property is cleaned up.

This type of project can also work well for partnerships or group purchase.  Key items are a recorded option to purchase as part of the lease and a realistic time frame to upgrade the appearance. Chanslor Wildlife has done many projects like this on properties from 2 acres to 700.  Please call Scott if you need to brainstorm at (707) 875-3490.

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