Posted by: TerraSaver | November 20, 2016


A barn is frequently the first building put up by a new owner on vacant country property. Clients have spent over $1,000,000 on custom barns – but how much of a barn can be installed for under hb-barn-2$50,000.  The neighbor of a client in Healdsburg recently had a contractor build a small barn with what he indicated was a 550 sf ground floor for a car and small tractor and an unfinished 375 sf second story storage area accessible by outside stairs for $49,500. When he was showing us through the building he pointed out that the price included painting, gutters, concrete first floor – in other words a finished structure. His plan is to now install a restroom for his agricultural employees. Indications are that such a restroom will be restricted to a commode and wash basin and hb-barn-loftwould not include a shower or tub/full bath which is not allowed for agricultural use.   There are many kit barns for less but this was built on-site within a week.  If the plan is to develop the property with a residence and larger barn down the line, a structure like this will always be of use for equipment, a shop or feed storage.  In the meantime, it is a useful structure while you explore options for the future.


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