Posted by: TerraSaver | January 7, 2017


jubaea-250x374Wineries and vineyards are a major example of branding country property.  Large expenditures and many years can be spent on establishing a winery brand and maintaining it.  If the concept of putting a ‘brand’ on a product or products from your property has appeal, it is a process that can be really enjoyable and add to the pleasure of ownership even on a very small scale.  A first step is to determine a product that you have interest in and for which the property is suitable.  You also need to determine the initial channel of distribution – family and friends, business associates, or the local farmers market perhaps with someone who already is a participant, and down the line maybe a local retail outlet. Local food banks can also be a distribution channel for items that have shorter shelf lives so nothing goes to waste.

The process can be very economical and allow you to use the many reasonably priced services readily available via the internet for components like logo and label design, containers for the product, and even sweatshirts & t-shirts.  Bottles for example can be purchased in very small numbers and in an incredible amount of styles.  Initial packaging can be as basic as Mill Creek Spice Rub and jams, or as sophisticated as the estate olive extra virgin olive oil above.  Social media also allows you to promote your products and maintain contact with others working with similar products can be beneficial in the learning curve.

ss-wet-wild-250x177The ‘product’ can be many things and the production facility can be as small as the kitchen table.  The ‘brand’ can also represent a group of products marketed under a brand umbrella and produced in collaboration with others who may not have land of their own but have common interests.  An example would be ‘XYZ Farm’ with one person making jam, another honey, and an additional person tending to chickens and packaging eggs.

mill-creek-250x315The business plan may be intended to establish a substantial enterprise or maintain the activity at a hobby level.  The ‘product’ can also be an activity such as camping or recreation, or a ’cause’ such as conservation associated with the property, depending on your interests and zoning regulations.  A basic principal should be to have fun and see how creative you really are.  Most people are amazed by themselves when they see what they can accomplish.

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