Posted by: TerraSaver | March 25, 2017


Drones are increasingly used in many businesses including the production of videos for real estate.  Over the last several years we have used a drone service for presenting real estate listings, monitoring agriculture on our own ranch properties and as part of Chanslor Wildlife environmental programs. We have found this use of drones to be of major benefit in all of these applications.  As this aspect of property sales and management has increased, there has also been a need to pay attention to the rules that go with use of drones.  Some examples are proper licensing of the drone operator, written permission of property owners whose property the drone will be operating over and liability insurance.  Also be aware of the fact that neighbors in rural areas may be particularly sensitive to videos of their property.  Verify with the video firm that the operator has a defined flight plan that takes into account the rules and the neighbors.

Still photos can also be incorporated into video productions and that allows interior photos to be added to exterior videos for a full presentation.  For several years we have used Icarus Video Productions not only due to their proficiency in generating a quality aerial video but for standard videos as well. They have also been able to provide us with additional services such as property research due to one of the partners, Alan Durfee, being a licensed appraiser.  John Lindh, the other partner is a retired commercial airline pilot and that has contributed to each project being a learning experience for us in terms of the pertinent laws and the rapid advances in technology.  You can reach Icarus Video Productions directly at 936.499.3492 or by e-mail at  You can also feel free to call Chanslor Wildlife, LLC for a client reference at (707) 875-3490.



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