Posted by: TerraSaver | September 25, 2017


Inspecting property being considered for purchase can be a very worthwhile experience from an education standpoint.  Many of the professionals that you will consult with ‘love their work’.  This has certainly proven true for us when dealing with certified arborists.  They see a tree as a living being to be respected.

To most buyers trees are a very significant part of the appeal of rural retreat property.   The health of key trees, or a forested area in general is something you might want to verify.   There are various diseases that affect specific types of trees.  Oaks for example.   While these diseases can move very quickly,  and can alter the visual appeal of a property significantly, treatments are available.  It is important to know that the foilage is healthy and what measures can be taken from both a preventive and corrective standpoint.

In the photo is a very large and very old Cypress Tree estimated at over 200 years old.  Five years ago a major branch broke off during a storm, tree trimming consultants were consulted.    Both consultants recommended removing the tree at costs between $8,000 – $8,800.  Due to the historic and visual appeal of the tree an arborist with a great reputation was called in and found the tree to be healthy but seriously in need of ‘maintenance’.  At a cost of $2,000, the tree was properly trimmed and has continued to add value to the property.  As verified by Native American artifacts and original settler artifacts found at the base of the tree – it has been a significant landmark for some time.  Good to know that it should be there for another couple of generations at least.

An arborist can be as important as termite, plumbing, roof  inspections.  Guarantee it will be informative, and much of the time a lot of fun.  If you need assistance or recommendations please e-mail:

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