Posted by: TerraSaver | September 28, 2017


Fish Camp 400x236

Red Tail Point Site 300x200Even if your country property does not have improvements in terms of structures, you may be able to have great times using the property for recreation such as camping and hiking. We have used a variety of tent structures ranging from modest pop-up tents costing less than $50.00 to steel framed 10′ x 12′ tents on wood platforms with an approximate cost of $1,500 for the tent and $1,500 for construction of the platform.

Copy of JW-Ron CampsiteThe portability of tent structures allows you to change locations based on seasons, desire for a sheltered location, or views.  Many properties have several sites  with completely different personalities, foilage and topography.  An example would be an agricultural property that offers forest, expansive views, easily accessible sites and hike to sites just outside Petaluma.

Trails for hiking or to access your campsites can range from following wildlife and cattle trails to trails professional created.  If you determine that you want to plan a trail system and have it built you might consider companies like Trailscape, Inc.  Most offer trails designed for a variety of uses such as horse trails, hiking, all terrain vehicles. Your property may also have trails which are able to accommodate vehicles.  That may offer the possibility of Jeep Red Tailusing pop-up trailers or camping trailers at an accessible location.

While there are important zoning, permit, insurance and liability issues to be verified, before participating, some property owners have also allowed these sites to be rented to the public. is a site offering camping accommodations on private property and working ranches.

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