Posted by: TerraSaver | October 1, 2017


Our dream was always to live together on one property with space on the land to build another house for my mom. After a year of searching for the one that met all of our needs, we found it! The journey became a memorable and educational experience for all of us. We learned a lot along the way and feel if we were to do it again we have the knowledge and hands on experience to make the best decisions. 

Our land was a unique one with an L- shaped layout. This was once was the empty 1 acre space on the 2.3 acre lot in West County we purchased.  We bought the property with a 2000 sq foot house already on it and within a year added a 840 sq  foot manufactured home with a large porch and deck to expand the living space. Nana moved in across the lane and gets to spend time with the grand kids in the main house on a daily basis. Our vision became a reality when we did our research and took our time to find the ideal location. 

There are a lot of details to consider when trying to find the right piece of property for your family to execute an endeavor like this one. Is my parcel large enough to accommodate another structure? What size can I build the second unit and make sure I am within the county and city regulations? Can I tie the new house into the old septic and well or do I need a new one? These are all questions I can help you find the answers to.

IF YOU COULD USE HELP MAKING THIS DREAM COME TRUE FOR YOUR FAMILY FEEL FREE TO CONTACT me at and we can start the search for your family compound together.



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