Posted by: TerraSaver | October 5, 2017

Working from home, the good the bad and the not so bad afterall


I work from the kitchen table amiss the half eaten lunches, school projects and unopened mail. It works, kind of. I realize I need my own space where I can zone out while brainstorming without a child trying to sit on my lap or a husband making a smoothie at full blast. I want a space to call my own, which quite honestly is foreign to me.  The meer idea of it excites me.

As I do my research on what my options are I am overwhelmed, but in a good way. I live on a piece of land with “extra space” as I like to say. And what I mean by this is there are a lot of overgrown weeds and oak trees dropping their acorns while my chickens (and children) get lost in the milkweed and dead grass. Let’s just say we have room to grown.

There seems to be a plethora of options out there for someone in my position, like maybe this concept is not a new one amongst mothers who work from home. How do we do it and do it well? I want to do it well. I want to be a good mother and wife but also a professional that succeeds and contributes to another cause. I want to use my brain to do things besides remember when back to school night is and is it my turn to bring snack to the next soccer game. It’s not easy to do my work tasks at a kitchen table. So the question at hand is should I buy and old shipping container or box car and covert it into a woman cave? Or maybe a Tuff Shed or Tiny House will do. I like the look of an airstream with homemade curtains. Then I start thinking about a treehouse in the far corner where I build a moat and 40 foot ladder with a secret password and fire-breathing dragon that doesn’t let anyone within 100 feet without notifying me. No, that’s too dramatic, or is it?

My search for the ideal situation continues. Being that I can have a 10×12 structure on my land without a permit makes this process a whole lot more doable. Having a handy husband helps as well. After talking with Tuff Shed I know now they can modify their floor plans to meet my needs. I imagine the sun shinning through a large glass front panel and landing on a prism I’ve hung oh so perfectly. Maybe a built-in desk with some shelving can be added and why not throw a Murphy bed in there for those long nights I will have working tirelessly in my own space. I can feel it all coming together and before long I will be updating you from a space nestled in the weeds far far away from my kitchen table…

To learn how you too can add a work from home space on your property contact me at




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