Posted by: TerraSaver | October 7, 2017

An artist needs a space to create their art, even if it’s not with a paint brush



When we bought our land it had one house, a garage and an old shed with our well in it. It was a big shed so we decided we would store our wood inside to dry out for the winter, the riding lawn mower, some garden tools and other random items one may acquire when you buy property with acreage that insists you take care of it. It wasn’t long until my husband saw the potential the shed had. I woke one morning to find him putting a wall up and wiring electricity over. What in the world is he doing? Oh yes. Of course. He needed a space to make his art, his wave riding apparatuses as I like to say. He makes surfboards.

Sometimes you don’t see right away what a structure on your land could be. I imagine my husband saw all along what the shed would become, his very own art studio.

To find property with an art studio for you contact me at and we can begin your search!

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