Posted by: TerraSaver | October 18, 2017


POST FROM HEALDSBURG INTERIM HOUSING:  The recent fires in the Bay Area which have affected many of us, bring to the forefront the crisis many people experience on a daily basis to keep a roof over their heads.  For the past 10 days we have seen incredible generosity from people we know trying to help the many from all walks of life who have lost everything and need temporary and long term shelter.  The need created by the fire will not be a short term problem.

This has been an extraordinary occurrence on an colossal scale, but even in ‘normal’ times there remains a critical shortage of affordable housing in our communities.  Many people daily are affected by rising prices, loss of employment, marital changes, health problems, family deaths and other situations beyond their control that eliminate their ability to afford housing.  Those of us who have dealt with housing for many years, know that the shortage of affordable or interim housing is always with us.

There are government programs that can provide assistance.  Unfortunately, as with this fire, the emergency need often comes at us without notice and hits people when they are least able to think clearly in terms of what to do.

One type of program we have been involved with has been to lease housing accommodations to established non-profits.  The non-profit organization becomes the tenant and the organization is able to use the housing resource to satisfy emergency needs with tenants they place and supervise.

If you would like to participate in acquiring property in Sonoma County to lease to qualified non-profits organizations for interim or longer term housing, please let us know.



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