Posted by: TerraSaver | October 19, 2017

A hobby with sweet rewards, bee keeping on your land.

If you’re entertaining the idea of beekeeping you might be confused as to where to start. This is a quick and simple 5 step suggestion guide to get you acquainted to what it takes to begin your beekeeping journey.

Step One: Select a suitable place to start your hive. At least 1/10 of an acre is desired and away from electrical overhead lines and grocery stores.  It is a great idea to find a local beekeeping association near you to start asking questions and assist you as you start your new hobby.

Step Two: Order your bees. It helps to order in January to receive your shipment in April or May. Once spring is underway most places don’t have bees for sale.

Step Three: Choose your hive system. There are two main systems that are used in beekeeping. While most beekeepers use a Langstroth hive system which is composed of boxes stacked on top of each other there is also the top-bar hive system, where the frames are arranged horizontally. It is a matter of preference.

Step Four: Gather your supplies. From a veil and suit to a bee brush and smoker, the list can be endless but not all tools are must haves. I suggest getting a beekeeping book to assist you in getting you started with the essentials that will meet your beekeeping needs.

Step Five: Introduce your bees to your hive and maintain their health. This require constant observation of your hive and your queen. When time comes to harvest the honey you will have read enough books and talked to enough people that you will be ready for the sweet reward!

If you want to find a place to have a hive of your own contact me at and we can start the search together!

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