Posted by: TerraSaver | October 19, 2017

Local artist makes her home her gallery

Local talent at it again. Healdsburg painter Sargam Griffen built her own gallery on her property where her abstract paintings adorn the walls and incorporate many colors and layers while invoking a whimsical feeling. Griffen decided people can find her to see her amazing work, which they do. She built a 650-square-foot guest house and home work space that she calls her Art Shed where vacationers can spend a weekend immersed in her inspiring space. She also participates in ArtTrails and has been one of 173 artists and studios participating in the event, which is a chance for the public to visit and talk with artists in their work spaces.

“Art for me is really an expression of what I feel,” she explained. “It’s really about going from darkness to light. Every painting has a story, and it is always unpredictable for me because I have to be empty when I work. I don’t have a preconceived idea when I work. I work from a feeling.”


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