Posted by: TerraSaver | March 15, 2018


One of the most frequent questions from buyers of vacant land is how they may stay on country property they acquire. That can range from day trips to the property or overnight stays.  It is extremely important to understand government regulations which may apply.  There are separate regulations regarding the long term installation of trailer & modular homes to be used as a temporary residence once a construction permit has been obtained for a permanent residence on the property.

A substantial amount of the inquiries we receive are for Airstream trailers and RV’s.  Airstream has excited people for decades.  Having had Airstream units on the guest ranch which Chanslor Wildlife operated for 25 years, we found they provided stiff competition for our overnight rooms. The large range of models means considerable flexibility in size and price.  We obtain current information on new and pre-owned inventory and financing from David Lewis, Bay Area Airstream in Fairfield, CA.  David can be reached by phone (925) 550-4268 or It was surprising to learn that new and previously owned units can be financed for between 15 and 20 years.

Regulations vary from County to County.  For Sonoma County it is best to meet with the Sonoma County Planning Department at 2550 Ventura Ave, Santa Rosa 95403, (707) 565-1900 to determine what regulations and zoning applies to your property.  When meeting with a planner or zoning specialist, it is important to obtain written regulations which they are always happy to provide.

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