Posted by: TerraSaver | May 3, 2018

Charlie Chanslor’s Chuckwagon at Rowell Ranch Rodeo Park – Hayward, CA Area Parks and Recreation.

20180503_105117Less than 10 days ago, the historic chuckwagon was in storage.  Today it was a featured attraction at the Rodeo Park with 40 buses of 2,000 3rd grade students learning about the history of ranching and the cowboy in California.  As one of the 25 displays, Albert ‘Abbie’ Batteate of Albert and Allison’s Batteate Ranch in Livermore set up a wonderful presentation featuring cooking ‘old west’ style with dutch ovens, beef stew and cobbler


Allison Batteate and her assistant before the students arrive

Wagon Groupis now part of their cowboy history events.  Charlene Schnall was a teacher prior to becoming a real estate broker and was the primary supporter of the educational and history programs at


Albert ‘Abbie’ Batteate and Don Pilkington, Park Facility Manager

Chanslor Ranch in Bodega Bay, California during the 24 years Chanslor Wildlife operated the property.  Seeing young students genuinely excited by the displays at todays’s event at Rowell Ranch Rodeo Park including livestock, bee keeping and how to saddle up a horse brings back fond memories for her in the classroom and on field trips.  In selling the wagon it was important that the buyer be involved in education and the Batteate’s were a lucky find as buyers.

Checkout Rowell Ranch for the July 28-29th National Day of the Cowboy Weekend for all ages.


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