Posted by: TerraSaver | January 4, 2020

Own an ‘Art Ranch’, ‘Art Farm’ or Residence with Studio

POST FROM HEALDSBURG VISITING ARTISTS –  Sonoma County has several country properties that are devoted to art, sometimes combined with agriculture.  In some cases this involves housing accommodations for ‘artists in residence’ and well as studio space.  While some of these properties are significant in size – an ‘art property’ could be any size depending on the type of facility you want to establish.  Some are single family homes with an out building used as a studio – and some involve large parcels with multiple buildings and display areas.

Some of the well known art programs in the area: Healdsburg Geyserville

paradise ridge winery – Santa Rosa

Visiting Artists has operated art properties in Los Angeles and Sonoma County as small as a single storefront and attached shop in Venice, CA, a single family residence in Healdsburg, CA and as large as 300, 400 & 700+/-acre ranches in West Sonoma County.  Let us know if you want to discuss your vision or have an interest in acquiring property for this purpose.  Contact George at (707) 494-5749 or






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