Posted by: TerraSaver | August 25, 2021


Frequently landlords are asked by a tenant if they can store personal property in a shed or in an open area on country property. Once permission is given, many owners do not monitor what is actually being stored. When a tenant relocates, some of these materials may be left behind and the owner may find disposing of the former tenant’s possessions to be a problem. This can range from vehicles to paint, tires and containers with unidentified liquids. IF permission is granted for a tenant to store personal property there should be a clear understanding of what is being stored and for how long. The landlord should not give permission for any materials that will be difficult to dispose of or are hazardous if the tenant vacates and leaves materials behind. Also, remember that a tenant may pass away or be incapacitated and that situation can become even more complex. Make sure you understand what you are signing up for.

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