In addition to opportunities for recreation, wildlife observation, irrigation, a stream, pond or lake can add very major value to property you own.
It is very difficult to add these features under current environmental regulations.

A Protected Oak

In Sonoma County over one hundred thousand acres are protected with conservation easements.  If you are considering purchasing a property with an easement – or thinking of putting an easement on your property – take easements very seriously.  They are in fact a partnership with you and the agency which has the easement or may place the easement on your property.  These protective easements are intended to preserve the property in its natural state or maintain its agricultural use.  These easements may have been paid for or in some cases they have been donated.  In all cases the go with the land and in most cases are monitored for compliance.  Monitoring may be performed by the agency itself, by volunteers or by neighbors being vigilant to protect the property from development or use that is not allowed under the easement.

Recently a property owner found out the consequences of not observing terms of a conservation easement.  The final result may be a $600,000 fine.

If you have interest in putting an easement on your property – use an attorney who understands the documents.  Also be aware that someone acquiring your property in the future will need to comply with the terms and this frequently affects the value of property being put on the market.  We have had considerable experience both placing easements and brokering property with easements.  Please feel free to call Chanslor Wildlife with questions at (707) 494-5749

1 SRE 3550 NORTH MEADOW 430x293


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You will find a user friendly experience when visiting the PRMD offices which have various staffed stations with information on various departments such as well and septic, code enforcement, etc.  It is a good idea to call ahead and confirm hours of operation.

PRMD Offices
2550 Ventura Avenue
Santa RosaCA 95403
(707) 565-1900

As a preliminary to visiting the offices, a valuable information can be obtained on-line at
Individual properties can be located by using either the Assessor Parcel Number (AP#) or the address.  The history of permits for a property, its current zoning, ordering of aerial photographs, information on soils, flood zones, are readily available.  There are also directories of what various zoning designations entitle you to do on a property as well as what uses you may be able to obtain with a ‘conditional use permit’.  Having some information prior to meeting with a planner at PRMD will allow you to be prepared to ask specific questions related to your plans for the property.  The planners can also print out much of the information you discuss and can refer you to planning files to examine for additional information.

Fantastic properties are available as close as 1 hour north of San Francisco.  Available property ranges from 5 to 640 acres with prices from $750,000.  Whether it is for a second home or for a full time residence – life doesn’t get much better than Sonoma County with outstanding communities from Petaluma to Cloverdale and from Sonoma to Bodega Bay.  Let us know if we can help locate a property for you whether it is for agriculture, recreation, or conservation.  We have owned and managed farm property in Sonoma County for over 35 years.  Scott Douglas (707) 875-3490.

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Chanslor Wildlife has provided quality ‘Glamping’ experiences for our members and for our family and friends for over 25 years.  We have found that for camping locations to be ideal they should offer an exceptional natural environment and provide access to several types of recreation.  This is true whether the camp sites offered are improved and upscale, or more traditional with the campers providing tents and sleeping equipment.  The key element is that the location is special.

Camping locations can be acquired for either personal and family use – or as a commercial business.  Please call us if you need assistance with suitable property.

Chanslor Wildlife, LLC  (707) 875-3490



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Don’t Assume Wild Pigs Are Guilty of Tearing Up Your Lawn


Recently we visited an estate property outside of Healdsburg and were amazed to see large portions of the front lawn torn up.  We assumed wild pigs were the cause.  Couldn’t understand why the landscaper had put out small live traps.  The next day we found they had caught four raccoons.  As they explained, the raccoons were probably looking for grubs under the grass.  Skunks apparently can do the same thing but they don’t visit with a group as do the raccoons.  Lots to learn with country property, but a lot of neighbors to advise you.

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Potential problem affecting access and entry gate that client had corrected.

We have regular visits each year from PG&E at our properties and properties we manage.  They check out potential tree problems before the storm season.  We also look at potential tree problems that could affect things other than the power lines.  The time to do that on your own property is before the storm season.  As with leaking roofs – once the rain comes it becomes more difficult to get emergency help.

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Family or Group-Hobby Farm Compounds

AS Mill Creek FarmsOften when purchasing a property ‘for a common purpose or use’ families or groups have agriculture as a common interest. This is an activity that works well whether the property is developed or has minimum accommodations. Frequently agriculture properties have multiple structures which are a good starting point for a long term compound. Most agricultural activities require someone ‘on-site’.  That may be a family or group member, but it may also be a tenant.  For additional information on compounds in Sonoma County, CA please contact or email:


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