Posted by: TerraSaver | October 19, 2017


Are you a stylist, esthetician or masseuse? Do you want to have an in home day care or preschool? Do you need a space to run your construction business out of your home?

Many people today use a room in their house or a structure on their property for their lively hoods. There is a fine balance to maintain to be successful at managing home life and work life in the same vicinity. Also, finding the right piece of property that provides this opportunity can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Maybe you need an unattached studio or maybe you need a room in the house with a separate entrance. You may want access to a kitchen and a bathroom or a space with ample lighting and windows. All of these are possibilities and exist.

If you want help finding something to meet your needs to create a positive “work from home” environment, contact me at

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